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Our company is the only barcode vendor that can organise verification reports for bar codes you buy from us. These reports are valued by retailers worldwide, who therefore prefer merchandise with our barcodes over merchandise with barcodes obtained from other resellers.

We also offer our clients the convenience of having their barcodes and products registered by us on the relevant global databases. We do this for free.

Do barcodes seem mystifying to you? They did to us too…

Contact us with your questions about barcodes or the service we offer. We have affordable prices and we enjoy helping clients. David Allis, Director

In 2006, when we were about to launch a new product, we had to obtain a barcode. We discovered we were expected to become members of a global standards organisation (at a cost) and to go on paying every year to maintain membership. On top of that, we couldn’t get just one barcode. We had to buy a minimum of 99 more, as the lower purchasing limit was 100 barcodes. The expense was huge and we thought it was unnecessary.

Certain that we could not be the only business people annoyed by the system, we formed Singapore Barcodes (Barcodes Limited) so that individuals and small businesses could buy only as many barcodes as they needed, and at an affordable price with no hidden or ongoing costs.

With a Barcodes Singapore number you get:

A low price

You can afford our barcode numbers and you shall not be asked to pay joining or ongoing membership fees.

EAN-13 numbers

We sell the EAN-13 number format (or UPC-A format). This number style is the standard, global one and is the most popular type for retail in Singapore and also internationally.

A report verifying your bar code

A verification report of your printed barcode is a must, according to some retailers. You get this from us if you want it.

Speedy service

When you place an order with us, we respond immediately. Our automated system sends out barcode numbers within seconds – for standard retail barcodes, CDs & DVDs. Other orders are processed manually, usually within 2-12 hours, with the maximum delay (depending on the time zone) being 24 hours.

Co-operative and caring help

Barcodes Singapore has a friendly team to whom customer satisfaction matters. But don’t take our word for it. Read some of our recent customer feedback.

Codes which are guaranteed

As a registered and legal company, we are able to offer you an authentication certificate. This guarantees that the number you have bought from us is genuine.

Lifetime ownership of your bar code

You are the legal owner of the bar code you buy from us. Your number may not be used legally by any other person or organisation world wide.

Registration, free!

As an optional extra, you can choose to have us register your merchandise item and its code on the biggest databases internationally. Read about this free registration service if you are interested.

* Our barcodes are accepted by more retailers worldwide because we can provide independently accredited Verification Reports (some retailers require Verification Reports – official test scans – of all barcodes entering their stores).

Feedback from Barcodes Customers in Singapore

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