888 Barcode Numbers

Customer Question – Can we get the barcodes starting with 888 instead because many consumers do not know that the first few digits on the EAN-13 barcode indicate the country origin of the barcode, not the product.

Our Answer – Sorry, but the ONLY legal source of 888 numbers is GS1 Singapore – see https://www.gs1.org.sg/.

Unfortunately, you have to become a member, and they are expensive – they charge a joining fee and then exorbitant annual fees for the rest of your product life

They currently cost $750 joining fee plus $750pa in annual fees – please see https://www.gs1.org.sg/Members/GS1FullMembership%28BarCodeApplication%29.aspx.

We have some alternative versions of our barcodes that we can supply – these might help reduce consumer misconceptions about the barcode numbers – please see below.