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Barcodes: A sight as common as the Merlion in our city. From the items we purchase at the mall to the books from the library, these unique black-and-white patterns are part of our daily life in Singapore. But, how do we effectively create, scan, or even troubleshoot them? Don’t be stumped by those lines and dots. Learn to leverage the capabilities of barcodes to boost business efficiency, track inventory, or just feed your tech interest. Begin your barcode learning journey with us. Explore our easy-to-follow barcode video tutorials and transform these patterns into powerful tools for communication and business.


Why Our Videos?

  1. From Basic to Pro: Our series is structured to guide you from the very basics to advanced knowledge.
  2. Universal Appeal: Whether you’re a retailer, librarian, or tech hobbyist, our videos cater to all, ensuring a comprehensive understanding.
  3. Clear Instructions: Every video is broken down into simple, manageable steps with clear visuals.
  4. Troubleshooting Made Easy: Issues with barcodes not scanning? Our videos offer practical solutions.

Featured Tutorials

Learn more about GTIN, Digital Link QR codes, barcodes, carton codes, SSCCs

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