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Products using our barcodes

Our EAN-13 barcodes are standard retail barcodes that are suitable for use on any retail product. Our customers are using their barcodes on the following products:

Clothing – fashion design such as  Bryden Apparel,

Baby Products – toys, items of clothing, equipment

Food & Drink Products – tea, bottled water, cookies, amazing candy floss from Candy House, drinks, fruit and vegetables by Sustenir Agriculture and  Green 4 Life, ice-cream and gelato such as Gelato, speciality foods, spices, sesame oil made by Fenghe Garden, sauces, marinades, green caviar from Meal Belly.

Giftware – greeting cards, souvenirs, diaries, videos, photographs & artwork, coupons & vouchers, books & magazines such as Carrot Sticks and Cravings, corporate gifts made by DTC World

CDs & DVDs – music CDs, language CDs

Other Products – the software check out the virtual reality learning products made by SnaptoLearn, Chibitronics coding and crafting technology, safety equipment such as anti-slip products made by G-Mes International, weighing equipment, building supplies, stylish drink bottles with water purification by Uniquos, body care products, cleaning products, gardening composts and fertilizers made by Organic Green Living.

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Chibitronics DTC World Corp Feng He Garden  GMESProduct group shot 2a

CDs & DVDs that use our barcodes:

Examples of CDs that are using our barcodes


Magazines we have created ISSN barcodes for:

Examples of Magazines using our Barcodes


Books that we have created ISBN barcodes for:

Examples of Books that we have created ISBN barcode images for


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