Barcode Reseller

How can Barcode resellers exist?

Barcode resellers purchase numbers in bulk which were formerly sold outright by the uniform code council. A court battle in the 1990’s showed that these numbers had been sold, and therefore GS1 could have no claim on membership fees and annual fees etc. This means that reseller barcodes are considerably cheaper than other barcodes as there are no on-going fees.

Can I buy from any reseller?

Like with alot of things, some resellers are legitimate, where as others are not. It is important to check that the company is legitimate before purchasing as it is very expensive to reprint your new barcodes if the one first purchased turns out to be illegitimate. Watch out for: A company that isn’t easy to contact, that can’t provide evidences of the ownership chain of the barcodes, hasn’t been established long and sells ‘barcodes’ for a ridiculously cheap price.

Legitimate reseller barcodes can be purchased here. Otherwise you can contact us with any questions.