Cheap Barcodes

We supply cheap barcodes for a one-off cost. These are legitimate legal barcodes which are part of the GS1 retail barcode system, but are now outside of GS1’s control, hence we don’t have to charge membership fee’s etc. A retail barcode number starts at $75 including registration, images and a guarantee certificate. This price drops per barcode depending on the quantity purchased.

Other places advertise barcodes for 50 cents each (or some other ridiculous price). Generally you cannot be sure of the legitimacy of these numbers are often the companies do not have robust ways of ensuring that numbers are only sold once, or that the numbers come from a reputable source.

Our barcode numbers are guaranteed not to have been used before. They come from a legitimate source and are checked for illegal use prior to sale. More information on the advantages of our barcodes can be found here.