DVD Barcodes

If you need a barcode for your DVD, please order one of our EAN-13 barcodes below. After we process your order, you will receive your barcode by email (we will send you a unique barcode number, barcode images, a guarantee certificate, and free barcode registration). Our turnaround time for orders is quick (usually between 1 – 12 hours).

Our barcodes are suitable for use on DVDs – both in normal retail stores, and in online stores (eg. on Amazon). (They are also suitable for use on audio cassettes, LPs, vinyls & any other item).

Barcode for a DVD

Instant delivery - You will receive a unique EAN-13 barcode number, barcode images (in 5 formats), a request for barcode registration information and a Guarantee Certificate by email within seconds.

QuantityPrice per Barcode
1$ 75 SGD
2$ 65 SGD each
3$ 58 SGD each
4 +$ 52 SGD each
5 +$ 45 SGD each
10 +$ 37 SGD each
15 +$ 31 SGD each
20 +$ 25 SGD each
30 +$ 21 SGD each
40 +$ 18 SGD each
50 +$ 15 SGD each
100 +Please contact us



Price: $75.00

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Examples of CDs that are using our barcodes