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Customer’s Question – “You say that 888 barcode numbers are ONLY available from GS1 Singapore. May I know why the company below can provide an 888 barcode? Is this a scam?

Answer – Yes, this is DEFINITELY a scam.

Please see

The Singapore barcodes shop is the same organisation as in the UK, Spain, India etc. They copy customer testimonials and change the person’s name. Also, the Trust Seals on their home page (ISO, Verisign, BNT etc.) are fake.

They claim at the bottom of their pages that “ is a barcodes generator and authorized reseller of EAN numbers issued by the US companies that joined the Uniform Code Council (now GS1-US) before August 28, 2002. Their rights over their EAN number banks are a direct consequence of the class action settlement reached December 15, 2003, in the Superior Court in and for the state of Washington, County of Spokane. The customer accepts these facts, avoiding this way the de facto monopoly created by the GS1.”

But the truth is that THE UCC in the US ONLY ever issued 12 digit numbers – they definitely didn’t issue ANY 13 digit numbers, and definitely, no 13 digit numbers starting with 888. Anyone who has anything to do with barcode sales knows this.

They originally said that they were “authorized resellers” but have recently added that they are a “barcodes generator” – it is accepted within the barcodes industry that the only organisation with the right to “generate” EAN13 retail barcode numbers is GS1 – ALL barcodes must come from GS1 (the barcodes we sell here all originate with the UCC, which was the forerunner of GS1-US, and hence are legal and legitimate)

We have spoken to customers who have tried to ask the various Barcodes Shops about this (to try to get proof of the origin of these 13 digit numbers) – and they find that their emails go unanswered.

You will see that they have no phone number on their website. I wouldn’t be surprised if their address is fake also (their UK address is fake)