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These are one-off costs and the barcodes are yours for life, and you can sell an unlimited number of products with them. There are no joining fees or annual fees.

NOTE – for these retail barcode numbers, we don’t need any product information from you. The barcode numbers are purely unique numbers effectively drawn from a large international database & assigned to you. You allocate the numbers to your products. Each retailer then connects that barcode number with your product information and price.

NOTE – some retailers have specific barcode requirements – please check barcode acceptance before purchasing retail barcode numbers.

Barcode Packages

Instant delivery - You will receive a unique EAN-13 barcode number, barcode images (in 5 formats) a request for barcode registration information, and a Guarantee Certificate by email within seconds.

QuantityPrice per Barcode
1$ 75 SGD
2$ 65 SGD each
3$ 58 SGD each
4 +$ 52 SGD each
5 +$ 45 SGD each
10 +$ 37 SGD each
15 +$ 31 SGD each
20 +$ 25 SGD each
30 +$ 21 SGD each
40 +$ 18 SGD each
50 +$ 15 SGD each
100+$ 15 $7.50 SGD Special price each
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Price: $75.00

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ITF-14 Carton Code barcode image

Image for the outside of a carton containing a quantity of your retail product - based on your EAN-13 retail barcode number. Artwork in .tif, .bmp, .jpg, .pdf & .eps format.

If you are purchasing an EAN-13 barcode at the same time as an ITF-14 barcode, then just ignore the box below.

NOTE ITF-14 barcodes are for use on cartons for shipping, not for retail sale. If your carton is being sold at retail level, you should use an EAN-13 retail barcode on the carton.

QuantityPrice per image
1 $ 30 SGD
2 $ 25 SGD each
3 $ 20 SGD each
4 + $ 15 SGD each

Enter your barcode number(s) here:


Price: $30.00

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Barcode Image - for any barcode

Images for barcodes in the format of your choice. Includes 1-dimensional barcodes such as Code 39, Code 128 etc. Also includes 2D barcodes such as QR Codes. Artwork in .tif, .bmp, .jpg, .pdf & .eps format.

Purchase the quantity you want, and let us know what format barcode you want, and what you would like encoded in the barcode.

QuantityPrice per image
1$ 30 SGD
2$ 25 SGD
3$ 20 SGD
4 +$ 15 SGD
10 +$ 8 SGD
20 +$ 5 SGD
50 +$ 2.50 SGD

Enter your barcode number(s) here:


Price: $30.00

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ISBN / ISSN Barcodes for books and magazines

If you wish to purchase ISBN Book barcodes, please click through here

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