Custom Barcodes

What are custom barcodes?

Custom barcodes are barcodes incorporated into a graphic, making the barcode more interesting than an ordinary barcode. These are good for products with small packaging – where the barcode takes up a lot of the space.

Which parts of a barcode are customizable?

Generally, you have to leave the bars themselves alone. If your image infringes on the bars, it will likely affect how easily the barcode scans. Hence, successful custom barcodes choose a design that grows out of the bars or incorporates them somehow instead of covering them up.

Who offers customized barcodes?

Graphic designers can often help with these. Hence you should talk with your graphic designer if you are interested in custom barcodes. Alternatively, you can ask us about them. We may be able to help arrange custom barcodes.

Sample Barcode images

See below for a variety of samples of barcode art.

Pack of smokes barcodeStretch Zebra barcodeSleep barcodePizza barcodeUmbrella barcode


See our barcode artwork page for more examples of custom barcodes. Contact us if you would like us to help arrange custom barcodes.