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Introducing the next generation of in-ear wireless earbuds. Planet Beyond combines cutting-edge tech with premium recyclable metals to reinvent the modern listening experience. We believe minimalism is overrated and that wearable tech should be more than wearable—it should be an expression of personal style.


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Planet Beyond mission is to build beautiful products that transcend the confines of minimalism and create an opportunity for self-expression. Aesthetically, our new collection of earbuds celebrates our planet and the intrigue of what lies beyond, capturing the inexhaustible variety of forms that inhabit our world and make up the universe. With motifs evoking everything from stars and moons to flora and fauna, the collection reimagines the geometry and rhythm of the natural world into bold, ergonomic earbuds. Planet Beyond embraces the belief that comfort, functionality and design are equally important—that earbuds should feel great, sound amazing and look stunning.

Our devices use upcycled metals and we work to ensure everything from manufacturing processes to materials are carried out responsibly and efficiently.

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