Pout Care – Why they chose Barcodes Singapore

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pout is a distributor specialising in quality, distinctive and exciting personal care brands that serve niche segments, such as children’s personal care and athletic care.

We most recently launched a Natural Hair Care range made in Australia. Designed specifically for children’s hair and skin needs.

Featuring natural ingredients, delightful fruity scents and fascinating characters, fun, gentle and safe for all children.

For more information on pout Care, visit poutcare.com

Why did Pout Care choose Barcodes Singapore?

When we started developing our product range we planned to be selling in different retail environments such as speciality stores as well as an online space, so we knew we would need barcodes once we started packaging design. We found Barcodes Singapore after running a google search. Barcodes Singapore had really good customer reviews so this gave us assurance that the company could be trusted. We’ve never had any issues with barcodes that we’ve bought from Barcodes Singapore and we would gladly recommend them to anyone looking for barcodes. Now available at Watson’s!