UPC Barcode

What is a UPC Barcode?

There are 2 different kinds of retail barcodes. EAN-13 barcodes are most common throughout the world. However, in North America (USA & Canada), UPC-A Barcodes are more common. These work in the same way as EAN-13 barcodes and are used on all products except for books and magazines, but they only have 12 digits. If you are selling your product predominantly in the USA or Canada, we recommend getting a UPC-A Barcode. The differences between these retail barcodes can be seen in detail here.

How to get a UPC Barcode?

You can purchase your UPC Barcode here. Once an order is placed, you will be emailed through your barcode with the images as attached files to be incorporated into your product packaging. A retailer will receive your product and scan the barcode the first time, at which stage they will input the product information (price etc.) into their system. This way, when the barcode is scanned from that point onwards, the product information will automatically appear.

It is also possible to change the size of the barcode if this is required. You can either request the size you would like or change the size yourself in the additional information section. If you are planning on changing the size at all, please refer to our barcode specifications page. The overall barcode size shouldn’t dip below 30X20mm if it can be avoided.

Please see our FAQ page if you have any questions or contact us.